Kingdom of Britannia

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Kingdom of Britannia

“We are Her Britannic Majesty’s representatives, sir, and hence we can go anywhere, with anything, at any time we damn well please.”
- Admiral Sir William Wynn-Shawcross, RN, to an obdurate Spanish commodore, Cadiz, 1866

If any single nation can be said to have ushered in the modern age, then the Kingdom of Britannia is surely it. It was here, in the mid-seventeenth century that the first modern industrialisation began; spurred on, as with so many other advances, by the throes of a war. It was here, also, that ships were first built of iron, that the steam engine was first perfected; that the railway was pioneered. Almost every technological advance that the world now takes for granted has its root somewhere in Britannia’s recent history.

Kingdom of Britannia's Flag

Kingdom of Britannia's Flag

Nor has the Kingdom sat upon its laurels. The Britannians took this knowledge and used it to carve up a huge slice of the world for themselves, making their small collection of home islands the centre of a vast military and commercial empire with territories on almost every continent and a merchant fleet that carries nearly half of all goods moved over water. There is nowhere in the world where the Kingdom’s unmistakeable flag cannot be seen flying proudly over some far flung outpost of Queen Victoria’s domains. Nor is the Kingdom becoming in any way complacent. Britannian scientists and engineers, having seen others capitalise on the inventions their predecessors pioneered, are now hard at work on the next generation of technological breakthroughs, while its explorers and military expeditions are constantly seeking out new areas for expansion.

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