Kingsburg is a game of city building and resource management

      "Your majesty, I feel the coming of winter signals most poorly for my territory. This year’s crop was small, and we have been most devoted to maintaining your standing armies to prevent the resurgence of the goblin invaders."

     "Yes, you have been most vigilant. I hereby grant you the resources you need to construct a new Guard Tower and a Barricade. In addition I will provide my most trusted Diplomat to help oversee these constructions and I will devote a portion of my personal army to your defense."

     "You are most generous your majesty. Thank you for your kindness."

     Build your territory and rise in status in this game of management and risk. Players each construct their provinces as they see fit. Will a new Guard Tower be built to protect the citizens and their homes? Will a Statue be erected in honor of the local ruler to improve the morale of the townsfolk? Every year that passes sees your city grow, but be wary. After winter's harsh weather, an army invades. From goblins burning down one of your settlements to dragons destroying one whole turn’s worth of victory points, you will need to find ways to protect your settlement. Will you build defenses against these invaders, or will you invest in a standing militia? Will you focus on the wealth of your territory, and risk leaving your own defense in your king’s hands? These decisions will determine if your province rises, or is lost to history.

Frontline Hobby Aps - Mariendalsvej 7B - 8800 Viborg - E-mail - CVR 35140808
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