Prussian Empire

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Prussian Empire

“We are the heart of Europe, and as any good physician will tell you, heart muscles are very hard to crush or burn, and immensely powerful.”
- Sire Ludwig Sigismund, Commander of the Land Fleet, lecturing to the General Staff

Since the turn of the century, the mighty Prussian Empire has been the dominant military and economic power of Central and Western Europe. Constructed over the course of the course of the Eighteenth century with a combination of patience, diplomacy and when necessary, calculated aggression, Prussia rose from a minor kingdom within a confederation of petty states to the major force it is now. The empire leads the world in engineering and scientific research, and its industrial might is a match for even its greatest rivals.

Prussian Empire's Flag

Prussian Empire's Flag

Despite its great power, the empire has known considerable civil and military strife in its recent past. The megalomania and paranoia of the fifth Emperor Heinrich Otto drove a wedge into relations between his realm’s many different peoples that almost shattered it asunder. Combined with major military defeat at the hands of the Britannians in 1815, the Prussians were left humbled and spent. However, Heinrich’s successor, Frederick Grunder, has proven to be a wise and patient leader during his long reign. While the Britannians pursued their costly ambitions of global dominion, Frederick quietly and efficiently rebuilt his nation’s economy, military and pride. Now, threatened once again by outside aggression, the Prussian Empire is more than ready to grind its way to Victory.

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