BR400 - Motorcycle Platoon

Varenummer BR400
BR400 - Motorcycle Platoon
  • BR400 - Motorcycle Platoon
  • BR400 - Motorcycle Platoon
  • BR400 - Motorcycle Platoon
  • BR400 - Motorcycle Platoon
  • BR400 - Motorcycle Platoon
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Motorcycle Platoon (BR400)
with Command Motorcycle MG team, Motorcycle Light Mortar team, Motorcycle Anti-tank Rifle team & three Motorcycle MG teams.

Motor divisions have a motorcycle battalion like the 4th Royal Northumberland Fusiliers of the 50th (Northumbrian) Division that counterattacked with the 1st Army Tank Brigade at Arras. Their motorcycle platoons scouted for the attacking British infantry tank columns.

Motorcycle companies have three small motorcycle platoons, each with three sections armed with Bren light machine-guns, and a light mortar and anti-tank rifle to be allocated to the sections as needed.

Motorbikes by Evan Allen
Figures designed by Anton Durot
Painted by James Brown

Blitzkrieg Motorcycle Reconnaissance
Motorcycles are the ideal replacement for horsed cavalry in places like Europe where there are plenty of roads. Their speed makes them perfect for leading the way in every advance.

Blitzkrieg Motorcycle Reconnaissance teams are Infantry and Gun teams prefixed with the word Motorcycle. Blitzkrieg Motorcycle Reconnaissance teams do not have separate motorcycle Transport teams. Instead, they are Cavalry teams combining both riders and vehicles into the same team. As such they have a 3+ Infantry Save.

Note: Motorcycle and Sidecar teams are still Transport teams just like a Kfz 15 field car or any other commander’s vehicle. As Transport teams they have a 5+ Unarmoured Vehicle Save.
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