FR801 - Goum Company HQ

Varenummer FR801
FR801 - Goum Company HQ
  • FR801 - Goum Company HQ
  • FR801 - Goum Company HQ
  • FR801 - Goum Company HQ
  • FR801 - Goum Company HQ
  • FR801 - Goum Company HQ
  • FR801 - Goum Company HQ
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Goum Company HQ (FR801)
with Company Command team, 2iC Command team & Weapons Platoon with LMG section, HMG section & Mortar section.

The tales of the Arabian Nights create a vision of a dark desert warrior dressed in flowing robes and a turban. In the cool desert night, he silently infiltrates across the front lines and slits his enemy’s throat while they sleep. This appropriately describes the ruthless Goumier warriors of Morocco.

"All Goum Weapons Platoon sections must make Combat Attachments to Combat Platoons."
Fierce tribesmen from the mountains, they led Free French assaults from North Africa to Germany. So fierce were these warriors that other Allied soldiers avoided them and only elite German units with equal ferocity were able to stop or defeat them.

Deep in the rugged Atlas Mountains of Morocco lies the homeland of the Goums. A moon-like landscape that proved quite impenetrable to French colonial troops. Only the native Goums, bred in tribal violence, adept in the insurmountable mountains, and fervent in their Muslim culture, proved capable of policing those who called this intractable region their home.

Left: The Goum 2iC Command team.
Short, dark-skinned, and bearded, a Goum warrior is lean, wiry, and indifferent to the elements. Their keen eyesight made them good marksmen and their koumia, a short curved knife, was vicious in close combat. They wore their traditional black, brown, and white striped djellaba (a long, loose-fitting outer robe) and a turban with a small ponytail
protruding so Allah could lift them to heaven when their task was complete.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Bob Pearce
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Frontline Hobby Aps - Mariendalsvej 7B - 8800 Viborg - E-mail - CVR 35140808
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