GE889 - Sturmbahnfurher Fritz Biermeyer

Varenummer GE889
GE889 - Sturmbahnfurher Fritz Biermeyer
  • GE889 - Sturmbahnfurher Fritz Biermeyer
  • GE889 - Sturmbahnfurher Fritz Biermeyer
  • GE889 - Sturmbahnfurher Fritz Biermeyer
  • GE889 - Sturmbahnfurher Fritz Biermeyer
  • GE889 - Sturmbahnfurher Fritz Biermeyer
  • GE889 - Sturmbahnfurher Fritz Biermeyer
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Sturmbannführer Fritz Biermeyer (GE889)
and his Panzer IV H

A native of Augsburg, Fritz Biermeyer joined the SS in 1933. He graduated as a platoon commander in the infantry of Totenkopf SS-Division in 1938.
Wounded in France he returned to the SS in Warsaw where he was transferred to the SS ‘Das Reich’ Division as a tank company commander. When 3. SS-Panzerregiment was formed in 1942, he returned to Totenkopf.
Biermeyer won his Knight’s Cross for leading his company against Soviet tanks near the city of Krasno Konstantinovka in November 1943. The battle began with him supporting an infantry detachment in repelling a Soviet attack.

With the defence now accomplished, he placed his company ahead of the infantry and attacked 38 T-34 tanks and about 800 infantry with his Panzerkompanie. While he personally accounted for six destroyed T-34 tanks, his company’s total reached 31 through his aggressive leadership.

His reputation for pressing the attack at all costs continued when he later took on another Soviet tank battalion with just his Panzerkompanie supported by an armoured pioneer company and two assault guns. By the end of the day his actions had destroyed eleven M4 Sherman, one KV-85 heavy tank, and one T-34 medium tank. In addition, they also destroyed three anti-tank guns, two mortars, and sixteen machine-guns.

Finally, during the defence of Warsaw in August 1944, he led his company in five separate attacks to stop the Bolsheviks near Praga, Poland.

His 5. Kompanie reported eight KV-85 heavy tanks, seven T-34 medium tanks, one IS-2 heavy tank, and four 4.5cm guns destroyed. His tactical skill and unwavering cold-bloodedness won the day though he had but a few panzers left at the end of it.

Biermeyer met his demise near Modlin on 10 November 1944. He was posthumously awarded the Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves.

In Flames Of War

Sturmbannführer Fritz Biermeyer is a Warrior team who leads a Panzer Platoon in Totenkopf SS-Panzerdivision. You must purchase him and his platoon together. Biermeyer and his platoon are rated Fearless Veteran.

Biermeyer’s 3 SS-Panzer Platoon
Biermeyer’s Panzer Platoon was always found in the thick of battle and suffered the greatest losses within the division.
You may purchase Biermeyer and his platoon as an Allied Platoon (page 183, Rulebook) that replaces one Panzer Platoon in any Totenkopf SS-Panzerdivision company. The platoon is organized as a standard Panzer Platoon as on page 49 with Biermeyer as the Platoon Command Tank for the following point costs.

Biermeyer’s Panzer IV Platoon

5 Panzer IV H
325 points
4 Panzer IV H
260 points
3 Panzer IV H
195 points

Sturmbannführer Biermeyer drove his subordinates on to victory regardless of the danger or tactical situation.
Sturmbannführer Biermeyer and his platoon are hit on a 3+ as if they were Trained.

New Recruits
Sturmbannführer Biermeyer’s losses required his platoons to be refit with newly trained Panzertruppen.
If Biermeyer is Destroyed then the platoon becomes Confident Trained for the remainder of the game.

Towards the Enemy
When Biermeyer spotted his enemy he immediately ordered his panzers to close and attack.
In the Assault Step, a platoon led by Biermeyer must assault if they can. If they cannot assault they must make a Stormtrooper Move as far as possible towards the closest enemy team or Objective.

Biermeyer designed by James Brown
Panzer IV designed by Evan Allen
Stowage by Jeremy Painter
Painted by Jeremy Painter

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