GE891 - Oberst Gosewisch

Varenummer GE891
GE891 - Oberst Gosewisch
  • GE891 - Oberst Gosewisch
  • GE891 - Oberst Gosewisch
  • GE891 - Oberst Gosewisch
  • GE891 - Oberst Gosewisch
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Late war
Obrest Gosewisch (GE891)

When facing the overwhelming Allied superiority in air and artillery at Anzio, Oberst Gosewisch remembered the tough lessons he learned as commander of 152. Artillerie Regiment facing the Soviet Army east of Orsha during the Second Battle of Smolensk. He knew to dig his batteries in for protection against the massed Soviet Artillery, erect overhead cover to hide his guns from the prying eyes of Shturmovik flying tanks, and coordinate his fire directly with the front line troops he supported.

All these lessons he instituted as the commander of the 362. Artillerie Regiment in Italy where all these tricks were needed to stay ahead of the Allies and allow his batteries to support his beleaguered troops on the ground. To accomplish these goals he always ensured his artillery regiment obtained the needed engineering tools and assistance. Oberst Gosewisch was awarded the Knights Cross on 4 July 1944 barely a month after the Allies broke out of Anzio and the remnants of the 362nd Infantry Division were folded into the 95th Infantry Division.

In Flames Of War

Oberst Gosewisch with his Regimental Command Headquarters is a warrior, a Higher Command team and replaces the Staff team of a Motorised Artillery Battery for +40 points. Oberst Gosewisch is rated Confident Veteran.

When Oberst Gosewisch and his team are deployed as part of the Motorised Artillery Battery, they act as a Staff Team and the platoon may re-roll Skill Tests for Digging In. Successful Skill Tests for Digging In for the platoon places all Gun teams the battery in Gun Pits. If the battery starts the game in Prepared Positions then all teams in the battery receive Overhead Camouflage and all Gun teams are in Gun Pits at the start of the game.
Excellent Communications

With orders form Berlin for the artillery to primarily support the infantry in the field, Oberst Gosewisch ensured that his batteries maintained excellent communications with all of the platoons they supported.

Command teams in Combat or Weapons Platoons and 2iC Command team in a Grenadierkompanie containing Oberst Gosewisch can act as spotting teams and request artillery fire as if a Company Command team.

Overhead Camouflage

Placing camouflage netting over artillery helped keep the wandering Jabos and bombers from attacking. It also made it much harder for airborne observation of dug in artillery.

The following artillery batteries and anti-aircraft platoons in a Grenadierkompanie supported by Oberst Gosewisch and within 6"/15cm of the Regimental Command Headquarters may re-roll failed Skill Tests to Dig In and if successful also receive Overhead Camouflage.
- Motorised Artillery Batteries
- Rocket Launcher Batteries
- HG Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Platoons
- Grenadier Light Anti-aircraft Gun Platoons

Teams with Overhead Camouflage count as Concealed and Observer aircraft may only spot the team if they are within 16”/40cm.

Truck design by Evan Allen
Figures designed by Evan Allen & James Brown
Modelled by James Brown
Painted by James Brown
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