IBX06 - 75/27 Cannon Platoon

Varenummer IBX06
IBX06 - 75/27 Cannon Platoon
  • IBX06 - 75/27 Cannon Platoon
  • IBX06 - 75/27 Cannon Platoon
  • IBX06 - 75/27 Cannon Platoon
  • IBX06 - 75/27 Cannon Platoon
  • IBX06 - 75/27 Cannon Platoon
  • IBX06 - 75/27 Cannon Platoon
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75/27 Cannon Platoon (IBX06)
with four 75/27 gun with crew, Command Rifle team, Staff team and Observer Rifle team.

One of the most common and oldest guns in use by the Italian army during the Second World War was the 75/27 cannon. It was originally a German Krupp export model adopted by the Italian army in 1906. Despite its age, the 75/27 was of sound and sturdy construction; an attribute that saw it stay in service until 1943.

"The Italian artiglieria (artillery) tenaciously fights to the last to preserve the good name of Italy. Its high rate of fire makes the 75/27 gun useful both as an artillery piece and also as an improvised anti-tank gun should enemy tanks make it through the lines."
Despite the limitations of its single pole trail; restricting the elevation of the gun. It still had considerable range for a field gun. The original models had spoked wooden wheels and were only designed to cope with horse traction, but by 1940 some had been modernised with all-steel wheels with rubber tyres so they could be pulled at higher speeds behind motorised traction. These modernised models saw action in North Africa and during the campaign in the Soviet Union, proving ever effective in the hands of their Italian crews.

Gun designed by Karl Cederman
Figures designed by Evan Allan
Painted by Jeremy Painter
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