Maghariba Guard

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Maghariba Guard
  • Maghariba Guard
  • Maghariba Guard
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The Maghariba Guard is the best of the best in the Haqqislamite army. A renowned regiment that supplies the units that constitute the personal guards of the Wali and the Hachib, the First Minister of Haqqislam.
T.A.G technology, that of individual armoured vehicles, is very expensive and the Maghariba Guard is the only Regiment equipped with them. Because of the scarcity of these units, the Haqqislamite army tries not to risk them too much. Do not expect to see massive armoured charges in Haqqislamite deployments. The Maghariba Guard is the armoured anvil against which the Ghulam Infantry hammers the enemy. This is not the same as saying that Maghariba pilots are too cautious; in reality, they are very shrewd and quite able to turn their numerical inferiority into an advantage.
Frontline Hobby Aps - Mariendalsvej 7B - 8800 Viborg - E-mail - CVR 35140808
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