SU883 - Komissar Mikhail Dedov

Varenummer SU883
SU883 - Komissar Mikhail Dedov
  • SU883 - Komissar Mikhail Dedov
  • SU883 - Komissar Mikhail Dedov
  • SU883 - Komissar Mikhail Dedov
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Brigada Komissar M A Dedov (SU883)

Mikhail Andrevich Dedov volunteered to fight in 1939. Because of his membership in the Communist Party, he was appointed Komissar in an infantry regiment and fought during the Winter War with Finland.

After his experiences in the harsh winter fighting against the tenacious Finns, he decided the way of the future was the tank and applied for transfer to a tank unit.
Not having any training in tanks, and owing his transfer to his political connections only, he set about absorbing all he could from his new comrades of the 29th Tank Corps. As a Politruk he didn’t get his own tank, but he soon used his position to ride into battle with the rest of the tankers.

Because of his willingness to get into the thick of things with the other tankers, he soon earned the respect of both the soldiers and commanders.

Even though from 1943 the position of Komissar no longer answered to the Communist Party, Komissar Dedov retained the respect and influence he had earned from commanders and tankers.

Dedov went into battle with his tankovy company in the battle of Prokhorovka during the battle for Kursk in 1943. His leadership and motivational abilities were soon recognised and he was promoted to Batalon Komissar. However, this did not halt his love for the action of the front line and he continued to commandeer tanks to take part in the action. Many a tank commander was left making his own way to the rear after Komissar Dedov had paid a visit.

The 29th Tank Corps was committed to battle during the fighting for Kharkov and then joined the advance on the Dnepr River in the second half of 1943. Once again Dedov was right in amongst the action, keeping the men in the fight and ensuring the commanders kept their cool. Dedov and his unit fought into 1944, liberating Znamensk, fighting in the Kirovograd operation and exploiting the Korsun Pocket in February.

The 29th Tank Corps received The Order of the Red Banner for its actions at Kirovograd, and at the same time Dedov was promoted to Brigada Komissar.

In May the corps finally went into reserve to refit for Operation Bagration. The corps was entirely re-equipped with the new T-34/85 obr 1943 tank. This up-armed version of their tried and tested T-34 gave the Soviet tankers the firepower needed to engage the German tanks at longer ranges. Dedov used his political contacts to ensure that his unit was refitted quickly and efficiently and had them back in the line in record time.

In the Pack

You get Komissar Dedov, and a T-34 with options to field him in a T-34 obr 1942 with a 76mm gun or in a T-34/85 obr 1943 with a 85mm gun.

In Flames Of War

Add Brigada Komissar M A Dedov to a Gvardeyskiy Tankovy Company or Tankovy Company for +40 points.

Brigada Komissar M A Dedov is a Warrior. He takes over a tank from a Gvardeyskiy Tankovy Company or Tankovy Company at the beginning of the game before deployment. M A Dedov is an Independent team and is rated Fearless Veteran.

Special Rules:

You over there, what are you doing to defeat the Fascists?
Senior commissars will often take charge of a unit if they think it is not doing its part to defeat the Germans. Often they will appoint new commanders in the field.

Brigada Komissar M A Dedov acts as a 2iC Command team and follows all the rules for 2iC Command teams in the rulebook.

Comrades Forward!
The Komissar is there to inspire, though sometimes it is at gun point.

Any Soviet company entirely equipped with Tank teams joined by Brigada Komissar M A Dedov may re-roll any Motivation Tests it and its members are required to make.

When leading a platoon (Soviet company) with other types of teams in it, Brigada Komissar M A Dedov uses the Komissar special rules on page 180 of the rulebook. However, if you roll a 1 for the new Motivation Test the platoon (Soviet Company) does not destroy Brigada Komissar M A Dedov, he instead becomes Bailed Out as he retreats back into his tank turret away from the angry soldiers.

Designed by Evan Allen
Stowage by James Brown
Painted by James Brown
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