WG-IR-3 - Roman Praetorian Guard

Varenummer WG-IR-3
WG-IR-3 - Roman Praetorian Guard
  • WG-IR-3 - Roman Praetorian Guard
  • WG-IR-3 - Roman Praetorian Guard
  • WG-IR-3 - Roman Praetorian Guard
  • WG-IR-3 - Roman Praetorian Guard
  • WG-IR-3 - Roman Praetorian Guard
  • WG-IR-3 - Roman Praetorian Guard
  • WG-IR-3 - Roman Praetorian Guard
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It’s taken a little longer than expected but our latest multi-part, hard plastic Kit - The Praetorian Guard - are here and available to add to your Imperial Roman armies!

The Praetorian Guard were the Emperor’s elite bodyguard as well as acting as Rome’s police force. Often filling its ranks with the sons of nobles and paid far more than the average Legionary the Praetorian Guard were looked upon with scorn and mistrust by the rest of the Roman army. Despite that not many commanders would turn down the use of this prestigious, crack fighting unit on the battlefield!

There are two sprues types in the set. The first is the command sprue which, by happy coincidence, contains all the command elements of the unit - Centurion, Standard Bearer and Musician.

The Centurion, with cloak across his arm has two arm variants - one with gladius at the ready and another with the iconic Roman salute. This boxed set gives you two options for standards - the Praetorian signum and also a vexillum which will give you even more flexibility in how you build your Roman army.

The Second sprue contains the bulk of the troops. With innovative plug-in helmet crest and trademark oval shield these soldiers will stand out nicely on the battlefield, instilling iron into the veins of your force and ice into the veins of the enemy. As with any Warlord Games plastic set you’ll find several optional extras such as empty helms, spare pila, etc.

We crammed so much onto this sprue, as you can see, that it caused us a few headaches at the tooling and marred our great record for delivering product when we said we would. Lesson learnt the hard way but we’ll still try to give you sprues full of stuff!

The boxed set contains 20 multi-part, hard plastic Praetorian Guard and also a sheet of highly-detailed, full-colour shield transfers to bring your miniatures alive.

There are loads more new miniatures to come for our Imperial Roman range - next week we’ll be releasing metal heads with a variety of different helmet types, straw hats or bareheaded allowing you to further customise your Roman army.

We’ll tell you about more exciting Roman releases in our newsletter over the next few weeks so make sure you;re signed up - you won;lt want to miss out!
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