Wu M¡ng Assault Corps

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Wu M¡ng Assault Corps
  • Wu M¡ng Assault Corps
  • Wu M¡ng Assault Corps
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One’s name is everything for any citizen of Yu Jing. It represents not only oneself, but one’s parents, family and even the village of one’s birth. The worst and most insulting curse that can be uttered in Yu Jing culture is equivalent to saying “May your name go to shit”.

For this reason, one of the most degrading punishments consists in the official denial of your name. The Wu Míng Assault Corps is a penal military regiment. Its members have no name and this has been substituted by a serial number. The regiment comprises the most dangerous and most violent elements of the Yu Jing regular forces, authentic gallows fodder. With a localization device implanted under the skin of their faces, the Wu Míng live under a regime of supervised liberty. To add to their ignominy the circuitry of the implant forms the ideogram of the Wu Míng, plainly recognizable at a glance. The punishment received – the denial of their name, the social ostracism and the being pressed into service in the Army’s advanced assault guard – may be commuted if they complete and survive a determinate period of service. As heavy assault infantry, they are specialized in urban war fighting, close combat, the taking of positions and clean-up operations. The members of this regiment are easily identified by the identification numbers that adorn their combat suits and which are always visible beneath the heavy camouflage patterns. The majority if the Wu Míng feel a huge resentment against the system for robbing them of their name and dignity, and feel profoundly humiliated at having to serve in the Assault Corps. Nevertheless they remain conscious of the fact that the regiment is the only thing that saves them from summary execution.

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